Ever Thought About Cycling To Work With A Folding Bike?

Parking restrictions in recent years mean that people and an increase in traffic through cities and towns has caused people to choose cycling or taking public transport to work.  Folding bikes have therefore become more popular in the process.  Undoubtedly you have seen folding cycles either on luggage racks or tucked under seats.  They are without a doubt one of the most hassle free, quickest and efficient ways to get where you want.

While diesel and petrol prices rise, the price of folding bikes has dramatically lowered.  So, it doesn’t take a maths wiz to see that a folding bike could be a really good investment.  Additionally, as manufacturers are constantly trying to build more compact and easier to transport models, the weight of these foldable cycles has lowered as well, which is ideal for when you have to get on and off a train or bus carrying one.

Important Considerations Before Buying A Folding Bike

Folding bikes are a big hit with all of us at bike360 and although we would recommend them to anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to drive to their work, we think there some things that should be considered before spending money.

First things first, a folding bike should be adjustable to meet your own needs.  It is important that you pay close attention to how simpleor difficult it is to unfold and fold the bike, because if you have a hard time mastering this you will constantly be faced with the same hassle and stress when you use it.  Check also that the bike is light enough for you to carry when it is folded.

Many folding bike brands and models come with carry bags that can easily fold into a neat seat pouch or something similarly compact.  This has a twofold purpose of protecting your smart work clothes from the oily chain and dirty wheels and protecting the bike from the natural elements.  Many bikes have the additional feature of being able to stand upright while folded, which is excellent for when you need to stop carrying it.

There are also brands and models that have luggage options such as handlebar bags and panniers that can hold stationary, your laptop and anything else you need to bring to work.  Although extra accessories like a bell, mudguards, lights and a pump are not necessary they are handy to have and add great value to your folder.  Many of these features come as standard spec on some folding bikes.

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