Enjoy a traditional stag night

Most husbands-to-be do not get a say in their stag night plans, as the planning and events are often kept secret from the stag, and traditionally the best man is the one planning the whole shebang.

There are many ways to celebrate the stag night, these days it is really common to have a weekend away. But for those who want to keep it traditional, have a pub crawl, hire strippers and generally have a lively night out, must remember that if it is the night before the wedding then getting the groom drunk and putting him on a train to the other end of the country is not a good idea. It might seem funny at the time, but you have the bride to answer to the next day!

Why not instead try 9 holes of Pub Golf? Regular players may want to make this time a little different; after all, it is a special occasion. You may not have considered dressing up before, but this can really add to the fun and silliness of the game. And of course, every hole you visit is going to know that you are celebrating something, they might even join in the fun with you. A full 18 holes are not for amateurs pub golfers, so you have been warned! You may want to have a go on the best golf simulator that you can find so you don’t look a fool when you are out there, however, the many drinks you’ll be drinking might make that a possibility.

Try a casino for the night. A casino is excellent for a lad’s night out and can give your stag night a touch of glamour. You could go all out and book a weekend break to Las Vegas, arguably the gambling capital of the world. You can do it on the cheap if money is tight and stay in an off-strip motel, or for a really memorable stay, one of the big name luxury strip hotels, such as The Bellagio or Wynn might appeal to you more. You can also book a cabin in the mountains and go stargazing which can provide a sense of calmness. You can complement that feeling by vaping e-liquids (which can be purchased from a recreational weed store) or by smoking up and enjoying the untouched nature away from bustling city life.

Maybe you want to plan something different? Well why not, before you take the plunge, really take the plunge and send time in a free fall flight simulator? You no longer have to jump from a plane at 12,000ft to experience the thrill and total adrenaline rush of that free-fall, which, if you were to do for real, you could risk injury, and then you will be in trouble with the bride to be. A free fall flight simulator is the best way to make sure you have adrenalin pumping fun without the risk of injury, which will leave you with one happy bride! There is a flight simulator in Las Vegas, so you could combine both activities for an even more memorable weekend of fun.

Your last weekend of freedom before your big day can be as peaceful and relaxing or as adventure filled as you like. However, if your friends are up for a bit of a laugh, expect things to get a little crazy!

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