Dissecting the Allure of Luxury Travel

There has to be more to the often colossal prices attached to “upgrading” certain aspects of your travels and subsequently gaining access to the ranks of the premium or luxury travelers, because surely paying nearly double for luxury travel amenities offers more than just added comfort, right? But what is it exactly about flying business class, or on a private jet, and staying in a hotel’s presidential suite which makes luxury travel so alluring? We dissect each of the identified elements of luxury travel to try and get to the core of this luxury travel allure.


Comfort really is the name of the game when it comes to luxury travel and it can be very easy to lose sight of this key element that goes into the making of luxury travel. On any luxury travel service such as a Private Charter Jet Service at RDU or a limousine service that is at your beck and call, comfort is at the forefront of the appeal. Think about it from the point of view of public figures such as celebrities and compare those with those super-wealthy upperclassmen whom nobody has really heard about – I’m talking here about those ghosts and shadows which pretty much run the world and yet they stay far away from the public eye.

Celebrities are often known for their conspicuous consumption, but that’s by design. What’s really happening is that the celebrities are used as marketing channels, given a lot of the stuff the rest of us have to pay for, for free so that we can associate those products and services with something to aspire to. It’s very easy for a designer to slap their name on something like a travel bag, pay a few celebrities to endorse it and then declare that to be a luxury brand which is to be paid for through the noses of the average consumer.

There is no comfort in carrying a $25,000 travel bag, but in the case of those ghosts and shadows I made reference to, these guys know what’s up. The super-wealthy ghosts and shadows are willing to spend more money on the comfort that they value as part of their luxury travels, such as being able to enjoy some extra leg room in the business class cabin of a long-haul flight so that you can perhaps even enjoy a good night’s sleep and arrive at your destination fresh and ready to tackle whatever business brings to that destination. They may even spring for a luxury travel concierge so they can be guided on their travels and experience these places in the best way possible.

This comfort which is associated with luxury travel will perhaps translate into other aspects of your getaway, such as being able to enjoy a smooth ride to and from the airport, with the air-conditioning rendering the sweltering heat outside a non-issue!

You might like to sleep in a bed which doesn’t give you any back issues and shower to your heart’s content without having to worry about using up all the hot water, etc.

So for all the lotto UK hopefuls who dream of turning their trips into luxury travels, should you come into some money in this way, remember that it’s not about how you look while travelling, but rather about how you feel. That’s what makes luxury travel what it is – the comfort factor and this includes physical comfort and mental comfort in that you don’t have to worry about anything really.

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