Corfu – Party Like the Students!

If you’re looking for a sunny holiday destination to unwind, relax and recharge your batteries, then perhaps you should consider visiting one of the best kept secrets in Europe – the Greek island of Corfu! Corfu (or Kerkyra in Greek) is an island located in the Adriatic sea just of the western coast of Greece. The second largest of the Ionian Islands, a cluster of twelve small and large islands, Corfu is well-known for its history, rich cultural heritage, beaches, weather and friendly people.

Corfu is also famed for its place in Greek lore and mythology, featuring in the Odyssey, one of the greatest extant ancient Greek epics. The island enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate with temperate year-long weather except during the summer, when the temperature usually rises to about 31C. In 2007, the Old Town of Corfu was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site due to its historical and cultural significance, so if you’re thinking about vacationing on this spectacular island, let’s take a look at some of its biggest and best attractions!

About The Island

Geographically, Corfu is dominated by two mountain ranges (Pantokrator and Hagioi Deka), which divides the island into three geographic regions. Home to about 103,000 people, Corfu also has two lakes (Korission and Antinioti) and four small rivers (Lefkimmi, Messonghi, Potamos and Sidari) which typically dry up during the summer. Owing to its close proximity to the Kefalonia geological fault lines, the island’s inhabitants occasionally experience mild tremors.

Beaches of Corfu

The ancient seismic activity which separates the Ionian island cluster from the Greek mainland is also responsible for the incredible beaches of Corfu. Girdled almost entirely by white sand and crystal clear blue waters around its 217 kilometres coastline, the beaches of Corfu probably rank as some of the most beautiful in the world.

Kavos Beach is located on the southern part of the island, and this 3km long shoreline is popular with English-speaking tourists, and mainly students in the summer months. It also offers great on-site amenities (changing rooms, showers, rental equipment) and is in close vicinity to a variety of dining options.

Avlaki Beach is a very quiet and peaceful place, and it can be found near to the famous San Stefanos resort. Frequented mainly by locals and experienced tourists, Avlaki is perfect for those who prefers solitude. Then there’s the Channel of Love Beach. Situated at the extreme end of the Sidari beach, the Channel of Love (Canal D’ Amour) is a favourite destination for younger tourists.

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Dining in Corfu

Corfu’s colourful history has influenced its cuisine, and may consider it completely different from the traditional Greek cuisine. Who can blame them, since Corfu cuisine is heavily influenced by Italian, French, English and Turkish flavours, so be prepared for rich and spicy Mediterranean flavoured dishes while vacationing in the island! Cheese will be served with most dishes, sometimes even with fishes – which incidentally, are traditionally cooked whole here, heads and all.

Nightlife in Corfu

Much of the nightlife in Corfu revolves around bars and clubs near the beaches and resorts. When the sun sets, you would do well to enjoy a nice dinner before joining in the festivities, because the party will not end until very early hours of the morning! The Sonic Cocktail Bar features one of the best selections of cocktails in Corfu, and has an in-house DJ playing the latest hit songs. Not only is the atmosphere is loud and friendly, but the bar doesn’t close until the last visitor leaves.

The bars get full of students out for a good time away from Uni

Then there’s the SOS Nightclub, arguably Corfu’s most loved nightspot. Great crowds, even better music and wonderful cocktails can be found here, and there’s even karaoke too! Finally, you can’t miss out on Edem Beach Bar – the night club to go for any serious clubber. The crowd is young and energetic, and the dance floor is always full.

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