Ultimate hotspots for celebrity spotting in LA

If you love nothing more than keeping up with all the latest goings-on in the world of celebrity, a holiday in the US’s Golden West is likely to be absolutely perfect for you. I recommend basing yourself in Los Angeles, a Californian county famous for its big name residents.

My advice is to visit a mix of places to increase your chances of bumping into a movie star, director, or writer. Whether it is Gal Gadot you want to see or spot Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott Mathers (just in case), you name it you get it. Below, you’ll find some of the top spots for doing so.

1) Malibu

Malibu is the kind of place most of us imagine celebrities live in. A beachfront city brimming with glitz and glamour, it is where you’ll find celebrity hotspots like Malibu Beach, as well as a host of impressive beachside homes belonging to big names. To help you see as many famous faces and places as possible while you’re here, you can book a celebrity tour of Malibu.

The good thing about arranging a tour is that it gives you a little insider knowledge and covers your transport, which means you won’t be wandering around lost for hours under the baking sun in search of your favourite actor. I suggest booking a tour that combines celebrity homes, popular haunts and movie locations for the best experience. While trips like this can’t guarantee you’ll spot a big name, you never know your luck!

Some tours will whisk you to more than 30 celebrity residences (the likes of Bill Murray, Cher and Leonardo DiCaprio live here), alongside locations used in hits such as Iron Man. It’s also worth soaking up the views from the Pacific Coast Highway – which you’re likely to travel on – as this is a hugely popular route for classic American road trips.

2) The Ivy

Next on my list is The Ivy, which you’ll find at 113 Robertson Boulevard. Famous for its celebrity clientele, The Ivy has previously served screen stars like Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. In fact, this is a particularly good place to come if you fancy trying to get an autograph, as the restaurant has an alfresco dining area that’s separated from the street by just a small picket fence; eager fans are often said to have got autographs by simply leaning over and asking for one.

3) Dan Tana’s

Another restaurant where you might run into a big name is Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood. Established back in 1964, this restaurant is a great place to enjoy some good old fashioned food, such as New York steak or meatballs, and to people watch. Virtually since it opened its doors, it has had a reputation as a favourite haunt of Hollywood’s elite actors and writers, which I think makes it an absolute must-visit.

4) Kitson

We all know that glamorous celebrities love to shop, and Los Angeles is a great place to catch them in the act. Plus, an added bonus of taking your celebrity spotting to the county’s retail hotspots is that you can treat yourself at the same time! One of the stores rumoured to be most popular with famous clientele is Kitson, which you’ll find on Robertson Boulevard.

It’s this reputation for big names that has helped it become a tourist attraction in its own right – so much so that there are actually now several Kitson stores on this road, albeit in slightly different guises, like Kitson Men and Kitson Kids. So, what can you buy here? First and foremost it’s a clothing store, but you can also buy bags and shoes, as well as gifts. So, it’s a decent spot to pick up those all-important souvenirs!


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