Camping at Christmas, is this a good idea or not?

It is a well-known fact that campers around the world have slept under the stars in all kinds of weather. The height of the festival season brings most tent-dwellers out of their houses during the summer, however, fewer brave the chilly days and nights of the colder seasons.

But sitting around a campfire, telling stories, taking walks and enjoying outdoor adventures; there is plenty of opportunity for some amazing, memorable family moments. But the question is whether camping at Christmas is really a good idea or not?

Winter Wonderland

Mother Nature often looks her best when she is dressed in white

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There’s no denying it, the best place to be when the snow falls is in the middle of the countryside. Nothing will get your family and friends into the festive spirit better than a white Christmas, whether you are camping in iceland on a campervan vacation or have pitched up for the night somewhere not too far from home. Camping over the winter period gives you a wonderful opportunity to see nature as it is beautifully decorated with snow and ice. Sledging, winter walks, campfires and hot chocolate are all part of wonderful winter in the wild.

If you’re a big fan of nature and like to appreciate all its splendour, camping at Christmas is definitely a good idea. Walk through frosted fields that roll for miles, see glistening streams, leafless trees baring their sculptural branches, and feel the satisfying crunch of frozen blades of grass under your feet. Nothing beats the cold, fresh air of a clear winter day.

It’s Better to be Safe…

Many experienced campers will have tales of cold, sleepless nights. If you don’t come prepared, then the answer to our title question would be a sure, and resounding ‘no!’. If you’re not equipped for temperatures below freezing, then you’re not equipped for a camping holiday this Christmas. The only way to have a great time is to come prepared. Make sure that you bring a suitable metal pan or urn to boil water in – nothing beats the bitterness of winter nights like a cup of hot chocolate. Another great way to combat the chill is with the mighty hot water bottle as this classic invention can’t be beaten when it comes to keeping you toasty during the night.

To get the best from your outdoor adventures, make sure that you wrap up warm, and always bring some sturdy hiking shoes or wellington boots. The ground during the winter season is usually always laced with snow, frost or rain, so make sure that your footwear won’t let water through to terrorise your toes! Warming them back up again won’t be an easy task if they get wet in the minus degrees.

The Great Indoors

Dive in: a heated pool will soon warm you up!

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Braving the harsher weather rewards you with stunning sights of nature, but also campers also have the great opportunity for city excursions and local day trips. Your ‘base camp’ can be the starting point for many trips, small or large, and you can see some fantastic sights in the places nearby.

If torrents of rain have ruled out a walk, or called off the campfire barbecue that you had planned, then why not don your waterproofs and walk to the nearest pub? Enjoy a warm lunch, and sample the indoor entertainment available in the area. Many campsites are equipped with indoor swimming pools, gyms, tenpin bowling or pool. Modern entertainment isn’t classed as ‘cheating’ just because it’s not in the wild! Many campers have a great mix of indoor and outdoor activities planned to make the most of their holiday, whatever the weather.


All in all, camping at Christmas doesn’t seem like a good idea… it seems like a great idea! There is so much of nature to appreciate, and the world during winter is just as beautiful, if a little more magical. Wrapping up in hats and scarves, making snowmen in fields and getting into snowball fights with your neighbouring tent-dwellers – camping this Christmas is the perfect way to make special memories this winter.

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