Brittany for Kids: Activities They’ll Love

Brittany is perfect for families with kids, as it’s never too far from the sea or a sandy beach to explore. The weather can often be beautiful too, so you can make the most of this trip to France. Obviously when travelling with kids there are a lot of things to remember. You need to keep them fed, watered, protected from the sun, make sure they get sufficient rest, and make sure they’re having a great time. Fortunately, there are lots of great things for them to do in Brittany, but the adults are able to enjoy it too. Here are some of the activities that my kid’s loved:

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Carnac Grand Plage

The town of Carnac is split into two parts; Carnac Ville and Carnac Plage. One is a very pretty old town, while the other is a more modern seaside town. The seaside town has a grand total of 5 beaches, so you can never get bored exploring them all with the kids, armed with a big bucket and spade. The main beach in Carnac Plage, called Grand Plage is sandy and has lovely shallow water which your kids could spend hours paddling in. You could even hire a sea kayak if you’re feeling adventurous! If you want to really try your hand at watersports, head west down the beach for windsurfing and sailing. On Carnac’s Grand Plage you’ll also find two great kids clubs that my kids spent hours in playing with the trained activity staff. They can play with big inflatable toys, trampolines, and many other toys. The great thing about the kid’s clubs is that you can leave them there for a whole day if you need to!


La Trinite Sur Le Mer

A few minutes drive along the coast of Carnac, you’ll find this beautiful seaside port. Why not take a long stroll along the harbour and stop off for some lunch at one of the lovely eateries? The beaches are cool and sheltered, with rock pools for the kids to find sea life. It’s also great for watersports like bodyboarding! The only thing I will say is, don’t come and expect there to be lots of facilities. It’s wise to stop off at a shop to buy a bottle of water and any other supplies you need before settling down here. On your way down here, you may also spot some of the gorgeous boutique hotels in Brittany – stay here if you want your trip to have that added bit of luxury!


The Standing Stones

A bit like Stonehenge in Britain, Brittany has the Standing Stones. There’s around 2000 of them, and they even pre-date Stonehenge and the Pyramids! Nobody knows why the arrangement of the stones is the way it is, but many people believe that they were used to plot the moon’s movements. My kids thought the cavemen used to use the stones to see who was the strongest – they could be right!

Brittany is the perfect place for a chilled break away with the family. Enjoy the sites, relax on one of the many beaches, try your hand at watersports, and then enjoy some of the traditional French food when you get a rumble in your tummy!

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