Brits Secrets to Budget Beach Holidays

Visiting the beach is one of the most popular travel ideas for brits who are looking to get a bit of excitement in their lives, without having to leave the country. Like all trips though, the costs can quickly add up if you’re not careful, and before you know it, what seemed like a little jolly to the seaside, is now a massive bill that’s going to take months to pay back. Though what can you learn from those who seem to have cracked the code, when it comes to visiting the beach on a budget?

Pack Food

A big cost when it comes to visiting the beach, is the cost of having to pay for food. Most of the beaches in the UK are popular tourists destinations, especially in the summer months, and so local food outlets are quick to take advantage of this. Luckily however, it’s actually quite easy to tackle this issue, as all you need to do is pack some of your own food. Packing your own food need not be complicated, and can be as simple as preparing some sandwiches ahead of time. You’ll want to invest in a ice box though, as this will help keep your food fresh, protecting it from the heat.

Public Transport

When you consider just how beneficial public transport is, it’s a wonder that you’d want to even consider taking the car! Why deal with all of the issues of traffic and high petrol costs, when you can just jump on the train and get to your chosen beach in a flash. Train tickets are generally quite cheap if you buy them online, and can be made even cheaper if you have some sort of railcard. Look into booking your tickets early, so you’re able benefit from the lower prices that are associated with taking advantage early on.

Research Low Cost Attractions

Even if you do love the beach, if you’re the type to become easily bored, the beach will only keep you entertained for so long. Seaside towns are abundant with things to do, and so there’s a high chance you’ll do something other than stare at the waves. Before you head out to your chosen beach destination, take a look at all the other things you can do there, and remember that visiting the destinations official website is a good way to find this information out. Make sure you look out for attractions that are running offers though, as some locations have offers especially designed for families, or couples visiting the location; allowing you to save if you’re suffering from beach boredom.

Home Sweet Home

Who says you need to leave the country in order to have a good time? Thanks to the amazing beaches of Britain, you can have a great time on a budget, without ever having to use your passport. The key thing to remember though, is that costs can easily spiral out of control if you let them, and if you don’t do your research, that accommodation in scarborough could cost you a pretty penny. Given the fact that you can take your own food, and use public transport though, money should be the least of your worries, as you set off with your family to enjoy some of Britain’s beautiful beaches on a budget.

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