How to book a hotel room for a last minute trip

Want to book hotel accommodation at the last minute? Then there are a variety of ways you can go about it. Moreover, not only will you find accommodation, but you may well secure a great discount too.

Talk to your travel agent

One way to book a hotel room at the last minute is to pop in to your local travel agent. Choose an independent travel agent, rather than one linked to a particular holiday company, and you’ll have plenty of choices. Your travel agent will use their industry experience and contacts to find you the best deal.

Visit a tourist information office

Alternatively, visit or call a local tourist information office; they’ll often be able to book accommodation on your behalf, and they’ll have their ear to the ground regarding the best local accommodation.

Coupons rule for a first rate deal

Also, search for coupons to help you book a hotel room at a better rate. Look through the media including Sunday supplements, magazines or search online for vouchers that will help you get a better deal. The groupon website is one of the best places to start.

Check your air miles

Remember, you don’t necessarily need to spend your air miles on flights. If you’ve clocked up considerable airline miles, you may well be able to use these to book a hotel room at short notice.

Use your reward cards

Check out your loyalty and reward cards such as your Sainsbury’s Nectar Card to see what offers are available when you use them to book a hotel room. The Telegraph recently reviewed which reward cards offered the best deals, so look online to see if your loyalty cards are amongst them.

Your credit card

It’s also worth seeing if your credit card offers you points which you could use towards paying for hotel accommodation.

Membership benefits

In addition, check out whether any organisations you currently belong to offer discounts on hotel room bookings. The AA, for example, offers some discounted holiday accommodation to members, and you may be among the lucky beneficiaries.

Approach a hotel directly

Say you have Chapel Hill Hotels near UNC in mind. The best thing to do here is to contact them directly and inquire about the deals they can offer you. Depending on the destination and available hotels, you might find they can provide you with a free room upgrade, an additional night’s accommodation at a better rate, or a discount for being a new customer, for example. So get in touch with your preferred hotel to see what last-minute deals they could offer you.

Cancellations for considerable discounts

Also, look out for last-minute room cancellations, hotels are eager to see these rooms occupied, so they could prove a great way to secure accommodation at the last minute and for a great price.

Search online to grab a great deal

Connect and search online to access hotel booking systems that’ll offer you accommodation at great rates, with just a few clicks, you’ll have access to, and be able to compare, thousands of different properties and room rates. There are lots of price comparison websites out there, so go online and start searching.

So booking hotel accommodation at the last minute is possible by a number of means, either in person, over the phone or via the internet, so you’ll find the right location at the right price.

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