The Best Way to Get the Authentic Sorrento Travel Experience

For us bloggers especially, we always look to capture the true essence of any place we visit in our photographic snaps of the memories we make, but it’s about more than just having something through which to show people that you’ve been to a certain place. Fundamentally, anyone who chooses to travel for leisure does so to experience a little piece of someplace different to the one (or the ones) they’ve become accustomed to and if you’re going to be heading to Italy and you want to come away with the authentic Italian experience, Sorrento will perhaps make for the ultimate in local destinations to base yourself.

There is so much to see and do in this somewhat exotic getaway destination which is very easily accessible from the likes of Naples, and while you’re taking in the beautiful scenery of the town itself, perhaps a trip to Ercolano and Pompeii will be in order.

Where to stay

Perhaps your best choice in accommodation while you’re in this part of the world would be one of the 4-star hotels in the area. The reason for this is that 4-star Sorrento Hotels are built and operated with just the right balance between being able to come back and retreat to your quarters for some comfortable rest while at the same time offering great proximity to everything and anything which is of great interest to visitors. The comfort offered indoors is bordering on the outright luxurious, while the great outdoors awaiting in and around the popular tourist town will always be less than a stone’s throw away in this way.

Okay, so perhaps you don’t exclusively have to stay in a hotel per se, but even if you choose something like a villa, it would have to be of a 4-star standard.

What to do

Apart from the rather direct manner in which Sorrento’s allure is presented as soon as you roll into town, contained in the likes of the intriguingly beautiful architecture, shops, restaurants and cafes, all which is available to do in Sorrento can be a bit overwhelming once you get the full low-down of what’s on offer. For one, Capri makes for a popular destination for tourists based in Sorrento to visit, so much so that there are regular ferry services carrying commuters back and forth.

Seriously – things can get a bit overwhelming, so much so that you might even find that you’ve spent most of your time mulling over what to do or where to go next instead of actually immersing yourself in all the fun. That’s where Sorrento tour guides come into play rather well as they’re pretty adept and vastly experienced in organising just the right mix of excursions, tailored to private groups of all sizes which basically just want to make sure to get the full Sorrento experience.

The most important factor here is time – you need to be able to make the best use of the time you spend in this gloriously beautiful part of the world.

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