Best Markets to Check Out in Melbourne

Market lovers are a special breed. We are happy to get up really, really early on a weekend morning to go to the markets. We will brave crowds, rain, cold winds or burning sunshine on our quest for amazing bargains and treasures at the markets. We are that strange class of people who will search happily through gargantuan piles of clothes and other goodies looking for that special something that we are absolutely sure is waiting for us somewhere in the heap.

Many of us take limited funds with us to avoid spending our hard earned cash on spontaneous splurges. However, the more experienced among us will carry a card! If you are an overseas visitor at the Melbourne markets you will need a card so you can get local currency from an ATM. There are many travel card options available. The Travel Money Oz Cash Passport is a good one as you can use it almost anywhere and you can apply for one online at and pick it up at a convenient location within 2 days.

If you are visiting Melbourne and you love markets, here are just a few that you must visit.

North Melbourne Markets

This is a very special market that happens only once a month and is held at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne. It consists of up to 70 stalls of handcrafted, locally produced goods. One of the joys of this market is that you get to meet the craftspeople who produce the wares on sale. The market also sells handmade clothing, jewellery, sweets and even vintage fabrics. It’s truly a heart-warming experience.

Blackbird Market

This market is held at the Workers Club on Brunswick Street every second Saturday. This is the place to search for vintage treasures and locally produced art works, clothing and jewellery. Cold beer and great burgers are also available for those in need of some refreshment. And you can even have your cards read by the local tarot reader.

Rose Street Artist’s Market

This market happens every Saturday in the back alleyways of Fitzroy. The Rose Street Artist’s Market draws an eclectic range of talented stallholders who sell their wares each week. This market is famous all around Australia for its wonderful collection of handmade and locally designed goods, which include clothing, jewellery, furniture, art and most things in between.

Coburg Market

The Coburg Market is a trash and treasure hunter’s delight. But you have to be early to grab the good stuff. Here you will second hand wares being sold for ridiculously low prices. Be prepared to get down and dirty as you rifle through loads and loads of pre-loved treasures. It’s great fun and if you are still around at closing time you are sure to nab a bargain. Most stallholders don’t want to take their goods back home with them!

A day out at the Melbourne markets is fabulous fun and a truly rich experience. And you will definitely come away with some great bargains.

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