Backpacking in Germany

Backpacking in Germany is considered to be one of the most popular ways to see the country, and everything it has to offer. With a reputation for being incredibly efficient, and serious, you may wonder why people visit this country.

However, with an amazing economy and many fascinating places to visit, Germany is on many travelers wish lists.
Germany is extremely culturally diverse and has a wide array of places to visit, and things to do, ensuring that you will have an amazing time whilst backpacking. Whether you want to visit the historical cities, or quaint medieval towns, there is plenty on offer. Before packing your bags, you can go online to find many resources, like this one that talks about the best things to do in Stuttgart, so that you get plenty of ideas on where to go and what to do. The Germans have a welcoming manner which ensures that every traveler feels at home.

A huge factor that attracts many backpackers every year is the Germans passion for beer, and their exciting style of cuisine. There are numerous wine and beer festivals throughout the year, and you may be lucky enough to be in the country during one of these events. If not, you can still join in the fun, by visiting one of the 1300 breweries, which are on offer throughout Germany.
Locating Germany and what is on offer
Germany is located in the middle of the European zone and is nestled between the Czech Republic and Poland to the east, and Switzerland and Austria to the south. You will also find Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and France to the west. To the north of Germany there is Denmark leading to Scandinavia.
There are several different landscapes to explore throughout the country, and you can experience some breathtaking scenery. Parts of Germany are ideal for hiking as the terrain is elevated and provides alpine regions. The River Rhine runs through the country, and is one of Europe’s largest rivers, making it a popular attraction.

How to get to Germany
There are many different options when you need to find a way to travel to this incredible country, whether you want to fly, sail, or drive you can travel for an affordable rate. Germany is the perfect starting point for all backpackers as it is centrally located. You can begin your journey here, and move through other countries, exploring as much as possible.
The international airports are located in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, ensuring that you can land in several different parts of Germany. You may also want to travel by train, which can be found in many of the neighboring countries. This is a cheaper way to travel, and suits many backpackers who are on a small budget. If you’re looking for somewhere cheap to stay, book a hostel in Germany online.

The climate is ideal
The climate throughout Germany is traditional seasonal, which makes backpacking easier to plan. Therefore, you will not be surprised at the weather and climate if you plan the time of the year that you are visiting. The winters which are considered to be October to February, can be cold months, therefore, not ideal for backpacking.
As with all European countries, rain is not typical in the summer months, but you need to be prepared that it can happen. The weather in Germany is rarely extreme, but the alpine regions do experience snow, which is perfect for the skiers that visit. Both the ski resorts and beaches are a huge appeal to visitors, and depending, on when you travel, you can enjoy both.
Exploring Germany
Travelling throughout the country is straightforward, and the transport links are affordable and easy to use, regardless of where you are located. Travelling by train is popular and is incredibly affordable and efficient. The autobahns are famous around the world as there are very few speed restrictions, making them a fast way to travel.
What to do in Germany
There is a huge array of choice when you are in this amazing country, and backpacking provides you with the ultimate way to see the best sights. You will soon discover that the landmarks and attractions are not only fascinating and historical, but also very affordable. Throughout October, you will have the pleasure of attending Oktoberfest, which is an amazing experience.
This 16 day celebration of beer is world famous and attracts people of all backgrounds to enjoy the locally produced beverage. Alongside the beer, you will find local cuisine, and traditional German feasts. This is the best way to see German traditions, and be involved with the locals having fun, and drinking.
The capital city offers vast cultural experiences, and amazing historical buildings to explore, ensuring that you will never tire of being in the city. Berlin is proud of its history and offers incredible galleries, theaters and museums for you to explore. If you are searching for more vibrant experiences, there are some of the best bars and clubs in the country in Berlin.

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