Backpacking Through Bristol? Consider a Serviced Apartment

Backpacking usually involves staying in hostels, and that makes plenty of sense. Hostels are a great way to meet other younger travellers, and it’s very cheap to book a single bed in a dormitory room. But if you’re going to be backpacking through Bristol, you might want to think about booking a couple of nights in a serviced apartment instead. It might sound like an odd idea at first, but here are just a few reasons to consider it.

A Break from the Hostel Environment

Look, hostels can be great. That said, they can also get a bit much. Friends are easy to find, but sometimes you just need a break away from other people. A serviced apartment can provide that much-needed break. Instead of having to socialise all the time and put up with getting woken up each night when people return drunk to your room, you’ll be able to get some rest and recharge.

A Chance to Get Your Washing Done

One of the perennial problems with backpacking is finding a place to do your washing. Hostel machines are often crowded, which tends to mean finding a laundromat – that can be both inconvenient and surprisingly expensive. A serviced apartment will have its own washing machine, so this is an excellent opportunity to get everything clean.

Ideal Place to Catch Up on Work

Most backpackers are lucky enough to have no work to do as they travel, but more and more are writing travel blogs or having to keep things together at home. Booking a couple of nights in a serviced apartment lets you focus on those tasks and get them out of the way.

Economical When You Buddy Up

Some people choose to go backpacking by themselves, but it’s not at all rare for groups of people to get together. Even if you start by yourself, you may quickly make friends and start travelling with other people. If you have 3 or 4 people, it might actually be cheaper to chip in together and book a serviced apartment than it would be to pay individually for beds in a hostel.

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