Australia’s Hidden Gems: Places And Sights You Don’t Want To Miss

If you’ve decided that 2014 will be the perfect year for an Australian holiday, you’ve got a lot of planning to do over the next few months. Presuming you’re traveling from the UK; the flights can be a bit of a pain, as you often have to make a stop in Hong Kong, but the stress is definitely worth the reward. This is one of the only truly magical countries left on Earth, and so everyone needs to witness it before they die (or it changes into something less inviting). You see; this nation is mostly untouched, and although the US does have areas of similar interest, none are as well preserved as those in the outback.

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Once you get to Australia, you’ll find that living expenses are pretty reasonable, and even airport parking in Melbourne is comparable to that you might expect to pay back home. So, don’t get to thinking a trip down under will break the bank. In fact, so long as you book your flights and accommodation at the optimum time, the entire journey can be done for less than two thousand pounds. Even so, you’ll need some advice on where you should go first, and that’s precisely what I’m offering right now.

Sydney Opera House

As you’ll probably fly into Sydney or a nearby city, taking a few hours out of your day to visit the world famous opera house could be the start your holiday needs. Of course, you’d ideally purchase tickets for a show, but they tend to sell out very quickly, so it would be worth arranging this as soon as you know your travel dates. There’s nothing stopping you from booking the tickets while you’re still at home.

Ayers Rock

I once heard an Australian citizen say “it might just be a rock sticking out of the ground, but it’s our rock!” Whilst you might not be too impressed with Ayers Rock, it does provide some amazing photo opportunities that you definitely don’t want to miss out on during your stay. To be honest, you’d have to travel all the way over to the Grand Canyon in Nevada to experience anything similar, so suck it up; you’re looking at a wonder of the world.

Great Barrier Reef

Everyone learned a bit about the Great Barrier Reef at school, and so you should all have a basic understanding of what it is. However, getting to see it for yourself is another matter altogether. You’ll have to book a trip with a Queensland diving school to get up close, but this can be done for little expense, and is a brilliant idea, so long as your swimming skills are good enough. Stretching 2600 kilometers, this coral reef system in THE most impressive on the entire planet, so make sure you spend time taking it all in.

If you managed to visit those three hidden gems during your stay in Australia, you’re certain to have a truly memorable experience that you’ll never forget. Just make sure to take a good camera along for the ride, as this entire nation is visually stunning.

Have a fantastic time!

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