Australia’s best resorts

Despite its remote location, Australia is rapidly growing as a key tourist destination. With over six million tourists visiting the country every year, and the price of airfares continuing to fall, there’s never been a better time to visit this magical nation.


What many visitors to Australia fail to comprehend is the sheer size of the country which is the sixth largest in the world. So whilst Australia may have hundreds of spectacular attractions from cosmopolitan cities to ancient monuments, trying to fit everything in one holiday would be just about impossible.


With that in mind, here’s a guide to a couple of Australia’s best resorts that will provide the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant Australian culture whilst soaking up the spectacular sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere!

Luxury in the heart of Australia


Despite the iconic reputation of Uluru (previously known as Ayer’s Rock), the fact that it is located in the heart of Australia’s red centre means that it involves a lot of effort to visit. But in order to make the trip truly worthwhile, the luxurious resort of Longitude 131 provides a well-deserved respite from the sun amidst the wonderful accommodation comprising canopied lodges and charming wooden architecture.

The resort also features a range of exquisite dining options, as well as the refreshing Red Ochre Spa. Should you need a little entertainment whilst you watch the sun go down, the resort offers complementary Wi-Fi meaning that you can play some fun and easy casino games courtesy of Europalace.

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Your own desert island


Whilst many tourists will visit Australia to get away from it all, those seeking to feel a little more exclusive could consider a trip to the remote location of Lord Howe Island.

Located nearly 400 miles from the coast of New South Wales, the island boasts crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and fascinating wildlife. But a big draw to this magical place must be the exclusive resort of Capella Lodge.

This stunning sanctuary offers boutique accommodation with wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and ocean, as well as a stylish and sophisticated escape from normal life.

With an exclusive restaurant offering a mouth-watering selection of food straight from the barbecue, and a whole range of luxurious amenities housed in the chic and minimalist living space, you’ll find it hard to leave this wonderful island paradise.

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