A Side-trip To Sorrento; Jewel of the Neapolitan Riviera

Italy is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and for good reason. This country represents a mix of culture, superb weather, glorious beaches and some of the most immoral art and architecture in the world.

While the eclectic cities of Rome and Venice may come to mind, Sorrento is another perfect destination for those looking to get a taste of true Italian life. Although the cuisine may be one of the mainstays of this city, we should never forget that Sorrento holidays offer more than great food!

For example, strolling through the heart of this city of Roman origins offers much to be seen and experienced. In fact, many of the medieval buildings are still intact. Some of the most famous structures include the Palazzo Veniero which boasts some of the most beautiful examples of 13th century architecture in all of Italy.

Only a few steps away lies the Duono; a 15th century cathedral that sports a facade and a fresco over the entrance way that will make the traveller glad that he or she had brought their camera. Finally, the Palazzo (plaza in English) Sedile Dominova provides numerous spots to grab a quick coffee or croissant and give one’s feet a bit of a rest before moving on and frequenting the numerous roadside shops and stalls that abound.

While the history and architecture of Sorrento cannot be denied, let us also not forget that this city has some of the richest night-life in the entire country.

The narrow side streets host a great number of bars and cafes where travellers can observe the quiet culture and enjoy some of the local cuisine that is offered at reasonable prices. While these lazy evenings may perfect for some, others may wish to dance the night away at such lively venues as the Fauno Notte Club. This unique atmosphere combines traditional folk dances interspersed by all the latest beats by local and regional DJ’s that provide a wide variety of bass-laden rhythms.

Dancing may be just the way to decompress after a long day shopping, but we should not forget that the theatre has also risen to prominence in this city. The Teatro Tasso in the Piazza Saant Antonio schedules both live music as well as a revue of traditional Neapolitan songs, depending one which day of the week one wishes to visit.

This city should be of particular interest to those taking part in the 2013 Ultimate Train Challenge, for it often coincides with the route that many of these intrepid travellers will take; the Circumvesuviana line that stretches to and from Naples. Whether taking part in the train challenge or for those who want to experience a history-laden town with entrancing views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento is an unforgettable part of any journey.

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