A Guide to Cyprus Hiking Trails

Cyprus is a beautiful island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. With incredible beaches and a rich heritage, the island is a popular tourism destination for travelers from across the globe.

Whether you are interested in relaxing on isolated beaches, partaking in the exciting nightlife of the international resorts or enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains, Cyprus is the island for you.

One little known pastime on the island of Cyprus is hiking. Whether you are an inexperienced hiker looking for an easy afternoon walk or a serious hiking enthusiast in need of adventure, the island has hiking trails to suit every level of experience.
Kyrenia Mountains

This hiking destination is one of the top picks not just because of the 143 mile trail that winds through the mountains, but also because of the relative obscurity of the area. The Kyrenia Mountains are not located in the popular and European travel friendly Southern Cyprus. Instead, they are found in Northern Cyprus. As a result the trails are far less crowded and walking tours are significantly cheaper.

While the trails can be covered in sections or as a whole by individuals, the best experience is to join one of the walking tour holiday packages. This will include everything from your meals and guides to accommodation. Expect to pay upwards of 400 Euros for the entire week long package, a great deal when you factor in meals and accommodation. Stay overnight at basic hotels in the area with the group.

Troodos Mountains

These Cypriot mountains are an incredible landmark on the island. Whether for skiing and snowboarding in the winter or hiking in the warmer months, they are popular destinations for travellers seeking outdoor recreation and adventure. There are four major trails that wind through the Troodos Mountains. The most popular is the Atalante Trail, which circles the base of Mount Olympus, offers great views and is suitable for beginners.

The Persephone Trail is better left to experienced hikers as both the ascent and descent can be quite steep. The work is worth it, however, thanks to the incredible vistas from the viewpoint. Many argue that the Persephone Trail leads to the best views in all of Cyprus. The Kalidonia Trail is another relatively flat walking path that leads to the Caledonian Waterfalls.

Finally, the Artemis Trail leads to the Chionistra summit and some spectacular views over the Troodos Mountains. Each of these trails can be completed in a day and there are plenty of accommodation options in the area. Choose from boutique hotels, local guesthouses and budget inns depending on your budget.

Athalassa National Forest Park

The Athalassa National Forest Park is located in the district of Nicosia and is a wonderful place for beginners to try their hand at hiking while visiting Cyprus. There are several shorter hikes in the area that are relatively flat and won’t pose a great challenge. You will, however, enjoy beautiful views of the scenery. The most popular trail is the Agios Georgios Circular. It is just over two kilometres in length and circles the Agios Georgios Lake.

There are a number of similar trails within the park, none of which are longer than four kilometres in length. Clear signposts and visitor’s maps mean that it is nearly impossible to get lost. Accommodations nearby include several many villas at affordable prices, think about the luxury of villas with pools to cool down after a day of hiking. Always shop around for late deals as there are usually plenty available.

This region of Nicosia also has plenty of nearby attractions like the Cyprus Museum, the Hamam Omerye and the Ledra Observatory Museum, which allows visitors to see both sides of the divided capital of Nicosia.


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