A Guide to a Short Break in Spain

A short break is the perfect occasion to relax and have fun. & Spain is the perfect location for spending a short break, due to its friendly citizens and numerous attractions.
Here are a few of the best places to visit on a  short break in Spain:
1. Alhambra Palace in Granada
This is the most popular travel destination in Spain, a place filled with attractions. The renowned Alhambra Palace has been named this way due to its red bricked walls, “Alhambra” being actually translated as “red”. The palace was built back in 1238, as a monument for the latest Emirs in Spain.
Several years were needed to assure its superb design and architecture. The palace rises straight out of the Darra River and offers a terrific sight of Sierra Nevada mountain, if you dare adventure behind its walls. The Alhambra Palace further divides into four parts: Palacios Nazaries, Alcazaba, Genaralife and Palacio de Carlos V. The palace hosts various art galleries and museums to explore, which makes it ideal for a day-out. Make sure to visit http://www.gotravelation.com/ for more details of this location.
2. Toledo in Madrid
Toledo is the world heritage site of Spain. It places itself on a hill, protected by a natural fortress made out of a surrounding moat and a bend in the famous Tagus river. This is the place where steel swords were crafted several years ago, and if you pass by, you’ll have the chance to purchase yourself one in the form of a souvenir. Furthermore, Toledo is known as an old Roman site, who once hosted lots of temples, circues, amphitheatres and also, an aqueduct. Some of their remains might still be observed in the area. Toledo is also known for promoting art and culture, and for this reason you’ll find a lot of interesting museums in there, such as Museo de Santa Cruz and Museo del Alcazar. You can easily reach the site through a bus or train, both which operate very often on the Madrid-Toledo route.
3. La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia is another terrific sight in Spain. The construction of the basilica (church) started in 1882, at the directions of Antoni Gaudi, and is still ongoing. Gaudi was never able to finish its masterpiece due to his unexpected death, which took place in 1926. The final project of the building includes eight towers, but he was able to began the construction of only four of them. These towers are addressed to the evangelists, to the apostles, to St. Mary and to Jesus Christ. Even if the construction has not been finished yet, the site still offers spectacular views, due to the mixture of stone and ceramics used for the towers construction. You will also be able to admire the top attraction of this church – its tallest tower, which measures a wobbling 170 metres and is dedicated to Jesus.
The most popular attractions of Spain provide an amazing experience to share with others. During a  short break, you will also get the chance to discover the popular locations among the locals, and you’ll get an insight to the beautiful spanish language.
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