8 Handy Tips For Your First Cruise Holiday

There is always a lot of excitement when going on a cruise. The wide open seas, on board entertainment, exotic delicacies, visiting different destinations, or experiencing different cultures would certainly excite anybody.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, it might be worth looking at mini cruises first to get a feel of how they work, what the etiquette is for tipping etc. However, as a first timer, you are more likely to be remembered as “that nooby guy.” Well, to avoid this, consider the following tips for your first cruise holiday in this guide by Fred Olsen cruises:


1. On-Board Meals

During a cruise, you will be spending a lot of time snacking, eating or enjoying a drink. While, the ticket price will include the meals served at the dining hall, it won’t cover the meals at up market eateries. You might therefore find yourself breaking the bank as you try the sumptuous meals on offer.

2. Ship Shape

Being at sea for days may come with some boredom and monotony. One way in which you will find solace is engaging in some fitness which is offered on board. Some may be free while others attract a charge. Familiarizing yourself with some routines prior to the trip is highly recommended

3. Room Service

Due to the excitement, you will always want to rush to the dining area to beat the queue. Arriving late may mean waiting in line for quite a while or having to squeeze in a spot you least like. In case you didn’t know, room service is free. Take advantage of it and enjoy the rare “breakfast in bed” moment.

4. Drinking On-board

As a person who has never been on a cruise, you probably have heard or thought that drinks are included in the ticket. Unfortunately, this may only apply to high-end cruises. For the ordinary cruise expect to pay for your drinks, you may be lucky to have some free drinks offered on rare occasions.

5. Sudden Ends

There is always the notion that the same way you were ushered in is still the same way you will be ushered out. The welcoming and friendly attendants will patiently wait for you to exit. Sorry, you will be expected to exit the ship rather quickly and as early as 8am to allow the new guests on-board.

6. Tips

Rarely will you find yourself in a cruise ship whose ticket price includes gratuities. And just like in an ordinary restaurant or hotel, the people offering you service will expect some tip. They include waiters, waitresses, room service attendants and many others. Normally, a $ 10 dollar tip on a daily basis is good enough.

7. Port Stopover

The liner will make stopovers at different ports. This is to allow the travelers experience new cultures, meet the locals or even enjoy the local cuisine. Normally, the ship will dock for about 8 to 10 hours. However, it may also stay overnight. Getting the right details is necessary to avoid missing the ship.

8. Spa Treatment

The goal of a cruise is utmost luxury, comfort and enjoyment. To avoid the monotonous sea or having to eat all the time, you should think of other relaxation activities. A spa treatment, massage, skin treatment, hair cut, facials are some of the activities made available.

A cruise is supposed to be a lifetime experience full of excitement and relaxation. Not only should it be comforting, but also bring back nostalgic memories. Well, the above tips for your first cruise holiday will certainly go a long way in making the cruise worthwhile.


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