5 Unique UK Restaurants You Have to Experience

There are some dining experiences that have to be experienced to be believed. The following establishments offer more than just good food, they provide unique experiences that guests will remember for many years to come.

Bunga Bunga, London

It’s hard to believe that a restaurant could be inspired by a former Italian Prime Minister, which is why you have to visit Bunga Bunga in London, as seeing is believing. The restaurant has been inspired by Silvio Berlusconi’s famous Bunga Bunga parties, which were a little bit naughty in nature, if you catch our drift.  Offering Italian artwork, pizza and pasta, it’s ideal for lovers of Italian cuisine – which is everyone, right?

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, Liverpool

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant offers the ultimate experience for football fans. Whether you’re a fan of Liverpool FC, Preston North End FC or just football in general, you just have to book a visit to The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, which located in one of the finest hotels in Liverpool, The Shankly Hotel.

Here you can select stunning dishes from the varied menu, and can even browse the never-before-seen memorabilia from the Shankly family’s private collection, which includes Bill Shankly’s telegram from Neil Armstrong and his personal typewriter.

The Gardener’s Cottage, Edinburgh

The Gardener’s Cottage originally served as, well, a gardener’s cottage, and was later restorded by chefs Edward Murray and Dale Mailley. The Scottish restaurant focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients,

Treetop Restaurant, Alnwick

We all dreamt of having our own treehouse as children, but did you ever dream you could one day dine in one? Well, you can if you head to Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland. Trees grow through the floor in the treetop restaurant, and you can make your way through various restaurants and bars along the walkways and rope bridges.

DC-6 Diner, Coventry Airport

For food that can take you to Cloud 9, head to DC-6 Diner at Coventry Airport. A converted 1958 Douglas DC-6 aircraft has been transformed into an amazing restaurant – which even featured in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

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