5 top tips for holidays on a limited budget

Travelling abroad can be expensive, but people can still enjoy wonderful holidays on a limited budget.

It’s important not to overspend on a holiday, especially if you’re going to spend the rest of the year paying off debts built up making your trip happen.

Read on for our top five tips for travelling on a limited budget.

Stick to your budget

As with any expenses incurred in your household, it’s important to set a budget for your holiday and stick to it.

Work out well in advance what you can afford to spend and make provisions to put the money to one side.

Look for other ways to boost your spending power such as doing extra hours at work or using special offers like Moby Dick at LeoVegas online.

Calculate whether you can make any savings in your weekly household budget to give you even more money for your holiday.

Avoid the peak season

Prices are always at a premium during the peak season, so look for opportunities to book outside of these times.

Destinations like Lanzarote are extremely expensive during high summer, but there are huge savings to made if you travel earlier or later in the year.

When you travel in the off-season the main attractions will be quieter, effectively giving you better value for money as you can fully enjoy the places you visit.

Tourist seasons differ around the world, so check these out before travelling to make sure you obtain the very best deals.

Use late booking websites

It’s possible to get some good deals if you book well in advance, but leaving it until the last minute can help you secure even bigger bargains.

There are loads of travel websites specializing in late bookings, giving you the opportunity to save serious amounts of money on flights, hotels or package deals.

Try booking direct too, as airlines and hotels are always eager to sell off their remaining spaces if at all possible.

Research your destination

Spend time researching your destination before you travel. Look for special offers in restaurants or if you’re going self-catering search for the cheapest supermarkets.

Check out deals for attractions so you know in advance how much your entertainment will cost. All-inclusive hotels are also a good idea, with everything you need paid for in full before you travel.

Sign up for travel alerts

Travel companies regularly send out special offers by email, so make sure you sign up for their updates.

Browsing the internet for deals can be a grind, but signing up for email alerts from a few websites can give you access to some great savings.

Alerts from entertainment operators are also worth signing up for, as these provide savings you can use when you travel.

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