5 Tips For Learning a Foreign Language Abroad

Traveling abroad to a country that has a language other than your own is a great opportunity to completely immerse yourself and learn a language in ways that you can’t by reading books or learning in a classroom.  Learning something by immersion is always the most effective form since it forces you to speak.

Before you buy your plane ticket and set off to learn the language of your dreams in an exciting new destination, however, there are a few tips to help improve your experience.

Bring Some Books

Even though the best form of learning is from immersion, it doesn’t hurt to have a few grammar and vocabulary books as supplemental education to your learning process.

By being able to look things up for reference on the go you can ensure that you have the answers that you need when you want them.

Good books to start with are basic dictionaries in English and the language you are trying to learn.  In order not to weigh down your luggage, consider opting for a mini dictionary. This way you can have the same amount of information in a much more portable package.

Hang Out In Local Spots

One of the best ways to make sure that you soak up the language and culture of your destination is by hanging out in local spots.  You can find a lot more people that are excited to meet foreigners than you would otherwise find in a place that is more frequently full of tourists.

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation and try out speaking.  It can be a little embarrassing at first, but it is the best way to make progress.

Sign Up For a Social App

Using social apps which connect you with other people in your area who are open to making new connections is a great way to practice your speaking and writing.

Some of these applications are used with the intention of dating, so if this is not your intention just make sure to be upfront about why you are on the application.

Be Brave

It is important to be humble when you take on any new learning process.  If you aren’t willing to make mistakes and be vulnerable you may lose golden opportunities.

Be willing to be brave and watch your progress go much faster than if you were shy with reservations.

Watch Movies With Closed Captioning

By watching movies with closed captioning you can hear the language as well as read the words on the screen causing it to go straight into your subconscious and retain the verbal as well as the spelling of a word.  

Try doing this when you are relaxing at home in your free time on your trip.

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