5 Tips For Traveling Across Europe

Plenty of tourists flock to Europe each year for good reasons. From the wide range of rich cultures in a small space to the incredible sights to be seen.  Some people see traveling to Europe at least once in your life as an essential part of living.

If you’ve been thinking about making the trip and exploring everything that Europe has to offer, follow these tips while planning your trip to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Consider Renting A Car

Even though you’ll be doing plenty of walking in Europe, you may want to consider renting a car as opposed to buying train or airline tickets.  Not only is it often more affordable, but it’s incredibly convenient being able to travel on your own time without worrying about connections and cut off times.  It may be worth making a cost comparison before your final decision.

Just make sure that you learn the rules of the road for each country you’ll be driving in.  The last thing that you need is to suffer a collision on your travels because you didn’t educate yourself on the traffic laws first.

You’ll also want to obtain an international driving permit before you go.  Getting this permit shouldn’t dissuade you, as it’s a relatively straightforward process which you can do online.  

Call Your Bank

One of the biggest mistakes that travelers make when going outside of the country is failing to let their bank know about their international travel plans.  

As a result, they find themselves with a blocked card and no access to funds.  Always make sure to call your bank with the exact dates of travel to avoid them flagging your account for suspicious charges abroad.

Bring Comfortable Shoes

Remember when we said you’d be doing a lot of walking?  Well, it’s true, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. The Europeans aren’t quite like the Americans who are known for taking a cab two blocks to avoid having to walk any length of time.

You’ll be walking across all sorts of terrain and elevation throughout the day, so make sure that you bring comfortable shoes which will withstand the length of your travel.

Learn Some Basic Phrases

While it’s not necessary to get a four-year degree in French or Italian before you set off on your trip, you should probably learn a few phrases to help you along the way.

Americans are known for being ethnocentric and lacking effort to try new languages, so why perpetuate a lousy reputation?  Learn a few phrases for the countries which you’ll be traveling to. The locals will appreciate your efforts even if you butcher the language trying.

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