5 Smart Tips for Getting Your Gear Ready Before a Travel Vacation

The prospect of heading out somewhere new and exciting for a vacation is something to look forward to. It’s something to plan for. Something to daydream about while you’re moving your way through a standard day. But, especially with more exotic or adventurous vacations, preparation is going to be key.


So five tips for making sure that your gear specifically is at the ready include making sure that your gear is comfortable, looking to find small and efficient items to pack, going on a test run with your full getup, paying special attention to medicine and first aid, and even talking to people who have been on the trip you’re going on, and seeing what they suggest.

Buy Gear You’re Comfortable Carrying

There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and having to deal with uncomfortable bags, backpacks, and apparel for carrying gear. Yes, it might take awhile to choose the right travel gear, and it might start getting expensive, but it’s absolutely better than trying to force something that’s the wrong size or shape into what you want it to be.

Look For Small and Efficient

When traveling, the rule of the road is to choose small and efficient. There are fantastic tent packages to buy that are smaller and lighter than ever, but still protect you from the elements when you’re out camping in the wild. There are ratings systems that will tell you whatever temperatures and conditions they work for, so pay attention to these closely depending on what your destination is.

Go on a Test Run

After you buy all of your travel gear, go on a short trial run to use all of it. Set up your tent. Try your camping cooking supplies. Be sure all of your things fit into your backpacks, but you can still get to everything without unpacking everything else first. The worst time to learn that something isn’t right is after you’re already out hiking!

Pay Special Attention To Medicine and First Aid

Whether you’re going out camping, or heading to a resort, health and safety are always going to be a priority. Make sure to bring plenty of your personal medication as it can be difficult or more expensive to replenish it it after you set off.

Buying a first aid kit and paying special attention to the medical supplies that you may need to bring along with you is also a must. This is especially important for camping, hiking, or trips to places where the hospital or clinic is very far away. Make sure you know how to use your first aid kit as well. You can view basic instructional videos online or book something similar to these brampton first aid training courses to get up to speed. Even a little bit of first aid training can come in handy in the event of an accident abroad.

Talk To People Who Have Gone Places Before

And finally, if you want a cheat sheet about what to take on a particular vacation, find some people who’ve been before and talk to them, or read their blogs or reviews. Advertising will tell you one things about what to pack, but actual people will give you much more realistic advice.

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