5 Reasons to choose serviced apartments for your next business trip

When travelling for business, you find yourself scouring for the best accommodation to be able to accommodate your travel needs. This generally means you need a place to work and a place to sleep. Serviced apartments give you more than you could ask for, making your business trip much more enjoyable.

Space to work

Serviced apartments, especially Beech House apartments in Bristol, are very large in size. Dependant on your budget you can have space ranging from a studio flat to a 1 bedroom flat and even larger than that if there are more people wishing to stay.

They also often have a table or desk space with a comfortable chair and ample space. If you need something very specific, such as whiteboards or wrist rests, you can buy office furniture online from a trusted seller. It may not be necessary for many instances, however.

Gone are the days of having to cramp yourself into an expensive hotel restaurant for your dinner and continue your work at the same time. Serviced apartments are equipped with their own private kitchen area so you can cook exactly the food you’d like to eat, whenever you’d like to eat it – and not have to see anyone in the process.

Home comforts

It’s no secret that hotels are extremely uncomfortable and, more often than not, pretty ugly inside. When staying in a serviced apartment, you will feel like you are staying in someone’s beautiful and well-kept home. The furnishings are gorgeous and the décor is stylish, not to mention the high-quality bed linens and the addition of soft furnishings.

You’ll be able to relax. Your business trip won’t feel so stressful and you’ll probably end up doing more work than you would at home!

To book your room at Beech House Bristol check their availability now. You can stay for as long as you wish!

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