5 reasons to choose a B&B over a hotel

Deciding the best place to stay on your holiday is always a difficult decision.  So, to help you make your mind up, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why we feel you should be considering a B&B over a hotel. 

  1. Find your home away from home
    According to The Telegraph, “Britain is ranked among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, and rising numbers of Britons are also holidaying in the country.” More Britons than ever are choosing staycations, and by staying in a B&B, you can find your home away from home. B&Bs provide guests with home comforts, including a homemade breakfast, catered personally to you.  B&Bs have a more homely and personal feel than hotels, allowing you to truly relax, be taken care of and enjoy your holiday.
  2. Benefit from local knowledge
    By staying with a local in a B&B, you can get a feel for what the area you are staying in is really like. They are welcoming you into their home and will be happy to offer you local advice on the best places the visit and the best things to see. This brings a more personal edge to your holiday and you will feel less like a tourist but will be experiencing the area like a local.
  3. More flexibility
    You will soon develop a personal relationship with your host, and you will find your holiday can be more flexible than it would be staying in a hotel. You are able to contact your host directly, allowing you to agree check-in/out times that suit both of you and you won’t be restricted to often strict hotel times. You host is likely to be only looking after you or a few couples at any one time, meaning they will have more time to meet your personal needs.  They are also likely to be understanding if you want to leave your bags even after you have officially checked out, allowing you to explore the area more.
  4. Better range of amenities
    Most B&BS will offer free parking and free Wi-Fi usage, and it is likely you will have a private bathroom. At B&Bs the breakfast is included in the price, while at hotels this can be a sneaky add-on. Hotel breakfasts can be overpriced and can be disappointing as they are trying to mass cater buy at a B&B they can cater more easily to your specific needs, as along as they are informed of these in advance.
  5. Get more for your money
    You will more often than not you will pay less for a better experience at a B&B. At Toprooms you can find a B&B that provides home comforts, local advice and cater specifically to your needs. You might also encounter hidden costs at a hotel, such as for laundry and cleaning.

No matter where you choose to go on holiday, by choosing a B&B, you will undoubtedly find your home away from home.

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