5 Methods For Picking Your Next Travel Destination

It’s possible to get so lost in the details of trying to pick your next travel destination that it becomes more frustrating than enjoyable. Perhaps you feel like you have too many options, or maybe you just don’t know enough about what you want specifically, so you get lost in a nebulous zone of indecision.


To break through this barrier, five things that you can do are to choose a resort, read reviews and blogs from travel sources, follow interesting events around, pick the things that you can easily afford, or even go totally random. Each of those options will help you solidifying what you’re trying to accomplish with your travels.

Choose a Resort

One way to make short work of travel decisions is to simply choose a resort that you want to stay at and be done with it. The thing about resorts is that because they often come in a package deal, there’s really only one decision you have to make, and that’s to reserve a place at that resort. No more annoying details. Many times you can even get airfare and food incorporated into the price of staying there.

Read Reviews and Blogs

Reading travel reviews and blogs will also give your mind something to focus on while you’re trying to make a decision. There are professional reviewers out there who do an excellent job explaining the pros and cons of different destinations and travel arrangements. It’s not a bad idea to trust their firsthand experience and judgment over your shots in the dark. It is important that you learn to trust the right people, though, and not insiders who are trying to advertise and promote instead of simply to review.

Follow Interesting Events

You can also pick your destination by choosing to follow a certain type of event that you like. For instance, if you’re a sports fan, then plan on traveling to a major city to see a few major sporting events. Places like L.A. or New York have sports going on all the time, and there are tons of other tourist events surrounding you in those places as well.

Take a Quiz

If you’re struggling to decide on your next travel destination, taking a quiz can be a fun and interactive way to narrow down your options. Numerous travel websites and portals, including City Beep and others like it, offer destination quizzes for various cities and countries. Who knows? You might discover a completely new place that’s perfect for you.

Pick What You Can Afford

Another way to decide where to go is by picking the places that you can afford most easily. Sometimes this will be going somewhere local. Sometimes this will mean going some place during an off-season.

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