5 Ideas to liven up your hen party

Hen parties by nature should be wild and fun and there are lots of things that can be done to ensure that a hen party is a fun night out to remember for all of the right reasons, including finding the best liquor store in denver, or wherever, to get the alcohol for the whole night! From planning a personal hen party to planning one for a friend or family member, there are all kinds of things that need to be organised from a dress code and party games through to a location and livening up a hen party is something that can easily be achieved by everyone.


From people who love to party to those who prefer quiet nights out at a restaurant, a hen party is one such occasion that should always be wild and adventurous and filled with lots of laughter and antics. Hiring a Perth party bus is by far the best way to throw a hen party and this bus can be used to take partygoers out for the day or night, so no one in the party has to worry about doing the driving or organising taxis.

Once the party bus has been rented, perhaps from Dream Limousines, Inc – party bus detroit, for example, what else can be done to ensure that the hen party will be one to be remembered?

  1. Dress Up!

Dressing up in ridiculous outfits is always heaps of fun for a hen do and even for the more understated brides-to-be, dressing up for a hen party is all part of the fun.

Here are some ideas about how girls can dress up for a fun hen party on a bus:

  • Wear fancy dress
  • Wear matching outfits
  • Create a colour dress code
  • Make up a dress code, such as everyone has to wear a feather boa

Fancy dress is always the most popular option but hens who prefer to keep it more sophisticated can still liven up the party by adding a color code such as bright pink. Alternatively, some hen parties might just want to wear some party outfits, such as the streetwear that’s available from Lychee the Label (check it out here). It’s completely up to the bride and her party!

  1. Buy Props!

No hen party would be complete without a few fun props. These can be as rude or as PC as people want them to be and can range from funky straws and horns to L plate necklaces and fun bridal tiaras.

  1. Make Party Bags!

Party bags are not just for kids and they can be handed out at the start of a hen night and have small bottles of alcohol in or at the end of a night with some tasty chocolates or nice toiletries in to say thanks to everyone who attended.

  1. Go Wine Tasting!

People can choose where their party bus takes them, so why not go on a wine tasting tour with the girls to kick the hen night off?

  1. Plan Party Games!

In order to book a Perth party bus see http://www.bustamove.com.au/ and pre-plan some fun games while on board for everyone to play, such as the following:

  • Balloon question time
  • Consequences
  • Truth or dare
  • Never have I ever …
  • Bingo
  • Banned words drinking game

These fun games will ensure that everyone has heaps of fun while on board the bus to prepare them for the night ahead.

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