5 best animal encounters travelling in Canada

If you are going to be traveling through the great country of Canada, you are probably already excited about the opportunity that you will have to see wild animals in their natural habitat! Canada has an abundance of wildlife, and those on road trips through that country will definitely have a few real life encounters with wild beasts. Below are some of the native Canadians fury friends that you might bump into during your Canadian adventure.

Brown or Black Bears

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If you are going to be camping in Canada, it is important that you do not leave food out in the open because doing so may attract bears! Although bears might look cuddly and seldom attack humans, you should be extra cautious during springtime because this is when both black bears and grizzlies give birth to their young, and mommy bears have been known to be aggressive towards humans when they feel that their cubs are being threatened.


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You will likely encounter moose at some point during your adventures in Canada. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to approach a moose. Most of the time, a moose will not even acknowledge the presence of human beings, but they may actually attack with their hooves if they feel threatened. As with most wild creatures, it is advised that you give them a great deal of personal space.


Because of their coloring, these funny little creatures are often encountered unexpectedly. While they will not attack you, their quills are sharp and can be quite painful when embedded in the skin. Those traveling with canine companions should be particularly careful during porcupine encounters. Curious dogs frequently end up with a nose full of porcupine quills, and this can lead to infection if not properly treated. If your furry friend meets this fate, it is recommended that you find veterinary care as soon as you can.


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Bobcat encounters aren’t as frequent as bear, moose or porcupine sightings, but if you keep your eyes open, you may be fortunate enough to see one. Many people have been in the presence of bobcats and have not even realized it because these creatures are often in the trees. Although bobcats will rarely attack, it is not recommended that you approach one because they can be quite vicious if they feel that they are cornered or otherwise in danger. Funny fact: bobcats sometimes stalk humans out of curiosity but seldom see them as legitimate prey!


You will be able to spot both golden and bald eagles during your trip to Canada. Eagles are extremely easy to tell apart from other avian species because of their unique flight patterns. If you are going to be visiting the coast of British Columbia during your trip, keep an eye out for eagles soaring high above the water. If you are lucky, you’ll see one swoop down quickly, grab a salmon from the sea and fly away.

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