4 Tips For Flying While Pregnant

Getting pregnant is something that can throw in new variables to things which may not have been complicated before.  Having to travel is something which can come up for someone who is pregnant, and although it can raise new challenges that weren’t an issue before, it doesn’t have to be anything to stress about.

Although doctors don’t recommend traveling past a certain stage in your third trimester, it can be perfectly safe leading up to this point.  By taking the right precautions you can ensure that you have the most comfortable experience possible by doing the following things.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Sitting down for long periods of time can be uncomfortable when you have a baby in your belly. The added pressure to your abdomen can make you feel full and achy.  When you add in the restricted confines of an airplane seat plus the cabin pressure, it can present some issues with trying to remain comfortable.

In order to avoid feeling discomfort you should make sure to dress for the plane ride.  Wear comfortable pants which allow room for your stomach to rest comfortably under your seat belt without squeezing you.  Additionally, you should make sure that you are wearing loose shoes so that your feet can expand and retract comfortably.

Make Sure You Have An Aisle Seat

When you are flying you may have to go to the bathroom regularly as many pregnant women do.  Sitting in a window seat or middle seat may create limitations for being able to get up and move around as you please.

In addition to wanting to use the bathroom , you may want to get up and stretch your legs to avoid feeling aches in your joints. Therefore, having the convenience of the aisle directly next to you is incredibly convenient.

Bring Snacks

Depending on what kind of individual pregnancy experience that you have, you may be hungrier than usual.  Rather than being at the mercy of having to wait for the cabin crew to offer snacks or meals, you may want to pack food for yourself which you can reach for at any time.

Bringing items which will store safely in your carry on without spoiling or are at risk of spilling will be much easier.

Ask For Assistance Stowing Luggage

As a pregnant woman, it’s not recommended to lift anything heavy.  Therefore, when stowing away your luggage in the overhead compartments, you should ask for assistance from a nearby passenger or cabin crew member.

This way you can avoid any potential injuries to yourself or your baby. Usually, people are more than willing to help and will happily give a hand if you explain your condition to them.

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