4 Things You Should Never Do On a Vacation In Mexico

There’s a reason why Mexico is one of the top vacation destinations in the world.  Between its beautiful beaches, breathtaking sceneries, and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder why it has stolen the heart of millions of tourists every year.

Along with its charm and beauty, however, also comes risks.  It’s important to know the ins and outs of what you should and shouldn’t do in Mexico while on vacation, and how to avoid getting into trouble.  Here are some of the most important things that you should never do while on vacation in Mexico.

Drink and Drive

Drinking culture is rampant in the tourist areas of Mexico.  Known for feeding eager tourists tequila straight from the bottle, Mexico is one of the biggest party destinations in the world.

It’s easy, therefore, to get caught up in the carefree attitude of the nightlife scene.  Many people think they’re above the law when they’re on vacation and consuming large amounts of alcohol and wind up making poor choices.

Getting into your rental car and driving drunk after a night out at a fiesta is a terrible idea.  Having to get bailed out of jail and faced with serious criminal charges in a foreign country isn’t anyone’s idea of an enjoyable vacation.

Skip The Sunblock

Many tourists hit the beach in Mexico thinking that the sun is comparable to back home.  After a few hours of drinking in the sun and jumping into the ocean, they find themselves with third-degree burns.

Make sure that you take the sun very seriously while on vacation in a place with a warm climate like Mexico and apply plenty of sunblock.  Getting severe sunburn may result in you suffering for several days when you could have been enjoying yourself.

Get a Tattoo

Even though you may be tempted to get a tattoo while you’re in the vacation spirit, it will only end up restricting your activities.  Professionals instruct people with new tattoos to stay out of the sun and bodies of water for several weeks following their tattoo.

Otherwise, it could be severely damaged, leaving you with a tattoo which doesn’t look good at all.

Use an Unauthorized Taxi

Many people want to save a few dollars when getting home from the bar, so they hop into a cab which isn’t a city-licensed vehicle.

Unfortunately, this puts tourists at risk of being robbed or kidnapped, which is a genuine risk in Mexico. Make sure that you only use vehicles which have an official badge displayed in the front of the car and a taxi meter so that they can’t try to argue the fare.  Looking for these telltale signs will help ensure that you are getting into a real taxi.

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