4 Packing Tips for a Cold Weather Trip

Traveling in the harshest of climates can be a challenge unless you are prepared for it in advance. In fact, many beautiful destinations are located in cold climates. Such places where it is inevitable to face cold weather will require you to pack exhaustively. Surely, you are going to add woolens, but that too will have to be a systematic way so that you do not just overstuff your backpack. Otherwise, it will become hard for you to carry the bag with you. Thus, your backpacking strategy for the cold weather trip has to be formulated based on freedom of mobility as well.

  • Pack the clothes in layers

Carrying bulky sweatshirts and sweaters will only take up space in your luggage, making it cumbersome. Therefore, chose thinner layers that have insulation properties. These layers of apparel will use less space in your backpack and ensure that you have different choices for clothes. Also, pack woolen garments that will help control your body temperature in the harshest of weather conditions. Also, wool layers are flexible and natural. A wool shirt will also provide ventilation if the temperature rises a little. On the contrary, a bulky sweater would have been a bad option.

  • Choose thin socks

While socks of thick fabrics will keep you warm, these may take up extra space in your baggage. Instead, you can choose thin custom face socks that can keep your feet warm. Additionally, it can create a contrasting color combination when paired with a solid colored boot or shoe. Moreover, such socks can not only avoid taking too much space in your luggage but also dry at a faster rate. This method can further give you the advantage of washing the socks whenever possible without waiting for them to dry all day. Many good brands are available nowadays that can offer thick, trendy socks that possess a thinner fabric.

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  • Choose shoes with a softer outsole for extra tread

You may want to choose boots that are meant for walking and hiking if that is in your mind. Colder regions may frequently encounter snow on the way, which you can manage with winter boots. However, do not get shoes that have a leather sole. Also, choose shoes that have proper insulation in them. Remember that you should not pack your shoes in the luggage as it is going to take a log of space in there. Instead, wear them when you are moving.

  • Wear your coat instead of packing

Jackets are going to be bulky; thus they will take most of the space in the backpack if your pack it. Therefore, avoid packing it and wear it. If the journey to your destination is too warm, then you can carry the coat in your arms or use it as a pillow while traveling on the plane. This way, you will not have to worry about wearing it at all times when it is unpacked.

Make sure to pack as per your budget as well as your comfort. Remember that you want to enjoy the trip with maximum physical freedom, so choose your clothing accordingly.

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