4 Of The Best Hotels To Stay In Paris

Anywhere you go, your hotel is a big part of your stay. It’s where you recuperate, revitalise and prepare yourself for the day ahead of you, so you want to make sure your hotel suits your needs perfectly. Paris is full of hotels, but which ones are really the best? Here, we reveal the 4 best hotels to stay in Paris:

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Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais

This hotel is decorated as if it’s a townhouse from the time of playwright Beaumarchais, and will feel like you’ve stepped back in time. It’s excellent value for money and is located on the outskirts of Paris’ trendy Marais district. If you’re worried about this being a cheesy historic hotel – don’t be! It’s a very tasteful decor. It features a rare piano, an 18th century harp, candles and of course chandeliers. The bedrooms and bathrooms are sure to impress you too, complete with chandeliers and heavy old fashioned (in a good way) curtains. The location of this place is just perfect, simply walk out of the door, turn left and you’re at the river Seine. However, you could turn right, which would lead you to the middle of an array of fancy bars, restaurants and shops where the air smells like delicious chocolate.

Windsor Home

This might sound a bit like an old folks home, but in actual fact it’s a very trendy b&b. It’s a slick Parisian house that has a unique feel where you can take some time out for yourself. It only has 8 rooms so you needn’t worry about much noise or hassle, and it’s decorated as if you’re staying in a posh Paris apartment. If you want to explore the west side of Paris, this is a great location for you. Close to the Eiffel Tower and really good value for your money!

Hotel Mayet

This is a small townhouse located on the left bank of Paris and it’s perfect for families visiting. It’s laid back, colourful and is a fair price to stay. The entrance hall is full of modern day art which anyone looking for culture is sure to love. A white, red and grey colour scheme upstairs is pleasing and modern. This is a perfect place near the best parts of Paris – the latin quarter, Eiffel Tower and River Seine. Perfect if you like to take relaxing strolls!


If you’ve got a little bit more money to spare and fancy a good old shop in one of the world’s fashion capitals, then hotel Daniel could be the place for you. This hotel is located near some of Paris’s most lavish and premier shopping areas. The hotel itself has a real boutique boudoir feel to it too – expensively decorated complete with satin sofas, patterned wallpapers and textured fabrics. Some rooms are a bit small, but the amazing decor makes up for that. Plus if you get bored of shopping the day away, you can enjoy a nice walk over to the Parc Monceau!


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