3 Tips For Planning A Big Family Vacation

While it’s easy to plan a little weekend getaway or even an extended stay at a relative’s house or city close by, planning a big trip for your family can be a little more daunting. From flights and hotels to passports and menus, a big family vacation also comes with big price tags and big unknowns. So to help ensure that all your saving and hard work results in you and your family having an amazing time together and not just a stressful week or so spent out of the house, here are three tips for planning a big family vacation.

Consider Going During The Shoulder Season

Although you might think it convenient to try to plan a big family vacation around the times when your kids won’t be in school, you may come to find that traveling during the shoulder season is actually going to be better for you. While taking your kids out of school might not be ideal, most people choose to travel when their kids aren’t in school, which means you could take advantage of lower prices and fewer travelers if you’re able to go during off seasons. To ensure your kids don’t miss much in the way of education, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, a contributor to Trip Savvy, recommends getting as much of their homework as you can to take with you and find time to finish assignment whenever you have downtime.

Be Smart About Packing

Going on a big trip with kids means you’re going to have to bring along a lot of stuff. But when you’re trying to make it through an airport or are planning to spend hours and hours in the car, the fewer pieces of luggage you have to worry about, the better. With this in mind, Tatianna Mahoney, a contributor to Parents.com, advises trying to keep your hands free when going through the airport. This means checking as many things as you can or choosing to just buy what you might need as those needs arise. While it might feel weird not being as prepared as you might ordinarily like to be, it could save your sanity when going on a big trip.

Stay Somewhere Nice On Your First Night

Even though traveling with your family can get expensive and you might be trying to find any way you can to save money, Rachel Walker, a contributor to the Washington Post, recommends staying somewhere nice for the first night of your trip once you reach your destination. Especially if you spent hours and hours stuck on a plane and flew across hundreds or thousands of miles, it’s going to be very refreshing to sleep in a good bed, take a nice bath, and recharge in a little bit of luxury before the real fun of your vacation begins.

If you’re planning a big trip for your family to take in the near future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help make this vacation one that you’ll always remember.

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