3 Tips To Buy A Quality Sweater

If you are planning to travel to exotic locations with a dip in temperature, then you might need some woollen sweaters with you to keep you warm. However, the basic problem might be is choosing the right woollen wear. So, if you are looking for some exclusive tips on how to choose a cashmere or a knitwear, here’s the guide for you.


#1: Colour, Stitch, Softness

When you are shopping for knitwear, make sure that you look for clarity of colour, softness of the material and clarity of the stitches. If you are touching the sweater, you should have a good feel about the material and its softness. If it is not soft enough, or you feel like that a part of the material is coarse, you should look elsewhere.

#2: Know The Cashmere Lingo

If you are planning to buy a cashmere sweater, you should know the cashmere language, and what is it made up of. A cashmere sweater is mainly made up of a two – ply yarn. So, what is a two – ply yarn? It is  a yarn twisted of two single legs of ‘yarn’. Generally, a cashmere sweater made up of a two ply yarn costs more than a cashmere made up of a single-ply yarn. If you are a little short on the finances, you can definitely try out the Groupon coupons for the Boohoo to help you manage the costs in this case.

#3: Pilling Issue

Generally, after a period, your woollen garments might look like it is being pilled off, or the layers are coming out. One of the reasons for this might be because the quality of fibre. The low quality fibre, which is shorter and coarser, is combined with a looser or more open stitch which causes the garments to pill.

So, now that you have a basic idea of the woollen garments, why not try buying a good garment for the next season at a discounted rate? After all, you will need that when you are planning to travel in winter, isn’t it? So, go ahead and try it out!

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