3 Must See Spots in Indianapolis

What do you think about when envisioning a vacation destination?  Often and ironically, the last places you may want to visit are the over-romanticized, generally-accepted, and likely leaving-something-to-be-locally-desired locations.

Alternatively, when visiting a place for the first or repeated time, you’ll want to embrace the respective locale like a local, those who know their way around, those who know the best places to go at the best times.  Your next visit to Indianapolis is no exception.  Sure, you can type, ‘visiting Indianapolis’ right now into your chosen search engine’s browser, but you’re going to find the obvious mentions, those places people gloss over as an area’s main attractions.

But, you have more time and advanced interest.  You don’t want to know about the places anyone knows about when associating Indianapolis; you want to go to the places only the locals know about.  Here are three hidden gems.

Plump’s Last Shot

As referenced, most think of the most-popular references in association to a town.  Indianapolis is highly associated with basketball and the Hoosiers Indiana team.  As many know, actual Hoosier events inspired a major Hollywood production.  Bobby Plump made the historical last shot, solidifying a small town’s stardom.

Plump’s is located on Cornell Avenue, offering casual dining with a sports-related theme, gregariously opening its doors to families, friends, and pets alike.  The prices are modest despite the nationally acclaimed athletic feat achieved by the restaurant’s owner, Bobby.  Come in for a the good food and local culture; all are treated as Hoosiers by Bobby and crew.

Slippery Noodle Inn

Traditionally, happy hours occur in bars, but when performers have the blues, they head toward the Slippery Noodle Inn, the oldest bar in Indiana established 1850.  Locals will tell you there’s no better place to catch an ear full of blues music; however, those better influenced by largely-recognized opinions may be interested to know that Rolling Stone magazine agrees with the Slippery’s locals.

Among locals who visit the Noodle seven days per week due to its perennial blues entertainment, one may share smiles with the likes of Harrison Ford, Dave Matthews, and other globally recognized personalities.  But, don’t get too excited about paying Hollywood prices; there’s nothing pompous about this ambiance, which offers a full menu of sandwiches and dinners at modest prices, as pleasing to eat as the blues riffs are to listen to.

Traders’ Point Creamery

What happens on a farm?  If you’re in the area of Moore Road in Zionsville, don’t miss the Trader’s Point Creamery farm, open seven days a week to the public, with numerous large and small scale events taking place throughout the year.  Enjoy weekly organic farmers markets, dinners on the deck, and seasonal chocolate milk and ice cream specialties.

Families, couples, and individuals may embrace the farm’s daily or seasonal events, such as beer and wine tasting taking place via the farm’s Loft Restaurant series.  What do you say to tasting organic and sustainable wines and beers made fresh from loving local farmers of Indianapolis?  You’ll find it here.  Are you looking for an alternative trip for the holiday season?  ‘Christmas on the Farm’ includes sleigh rides, delicious holiday dishes, arts and crafts, and of course, an appearance by Santa himself.

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